Bitcoin Buying And Selling Trends

One way to maximize profits from buying and selling bitcoin is to know the condition of the market trends. In addition, you also have to choose a trusted and official website that can be used as a place to transact safely, more info on this site.

Well, to better understand what market trends and trusted sites can be chosen, see the following article review.

1. Bitcoin Buying and Selling Trend: Positive (Uptrend) / Stable Trend

The first trend is an uptrend that shows a stable condition in terms of rising bitcoin prices. This upward trend in the price of bitcoin can even take place in just a matter of hours. So, for example, now the price of $ 250 bitcoin, then an hour later $ 275, the price goes up to $ 300 an hour further.

This continuous increase in the price of bitcoin is called a super positive trend. Even though it is an uptrend, you must remain realistic in taking profits. If the profit you take is far from the market selling price, your bitcoin will be quiet. This certainly can have an impact on losses. Also, avoid hoarding bitcoin because the price can still fall at any time.

2. Bitcoin Buying and Selling Trend: Negative Trend (Low trend)

The next trend is a low trend which means a negative trend. This title applies if the bitcoin market conditions are quite sluggish due to prices that continue to fall (super negative). This condition is very detrimental if you have already bought a number of bitcoins, but when it will be sold, the price is far below the purchase price.

So, if you find the right time or there is a tendency to increase from the purchase price, you should immediately sell the bitcoin that you have. Especially if you’ve already bought a lot of bitcoin, don’t hoard it too long. In addition to buying and selling bitcoin and investment, you can use bitcoin for cloud mining or mining.

3. Bitcoin Buying and Selling Trend: Stagnant

The other bitcoin buying and selling trends are stagnant. This trend applies if the price of bitcoin has almost dropped like a few months ago and has now returned to a positive trend. This condition is influenced by the discourse of banning cryptocurrencies in a country.

Although it does not reach the original price, at least traders and other bitcoin market players can breathe a sigh of relief because they have not suffered too much loss. Bitcoin that has been saved can be predicted to increase its price not far from the purchase price.